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Privacy Notice

Alamance Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company (AFM) is committed to maintaining our policyholders' trust and your confidence is a high priority with our company. AFM collects certain public and non-public information from its policyholders and potential policyholders in the ordinary course of our business to enable us to provide a high level of service and protection. For this reason, we want our policyholders to understand how we protect your privacy and safeguard your information when we collect and use your private information. This privacy notice describes our current privacy and information practices. During our continued relationship together, AFM will advise you of our privacy and information practices at least once annually.


AFM collects and utilizes personal information about you, the policyholder or potential policyholder, to evaluate applications for insurance coverage, to submit underwriting proposals to other companies, to administer claims, and for other business related to the issuance of insurance coverage and policies. The risk appraisal process involved in the business of insurance makes it important for us to collect this personal information. The type of information that we collect depends on the product or service that you are seeking from us and whether you are the proposed insured. Your information may include your name, telephone number, social security number, driver's license number, name of your spouse, and children, if any, credit scores, mortgagee information, motor vehicle driving records, and other such information.

AFM may collect this information from you in the application or claim process. We may collect it in person, by telephone, electronically, or in writing. We may also seek information about you from third parties such as medical professionals and consumer reporting agencies. While most of this information is collected at the time of your application or claim, additional information may be required if you request changes to your policies or coverages, or some other service.

AFM will record and store this information and other personal information from your transaction with us, such as information about your insurance policies, premiums, and claims history.


AFM maintains strict policies and procedures to protect your confidentiality in the information that we collect and store. We employ physical and electronic controls to protect your information from unauthorized access and anticipated threats or hazards of unwanted disclosure. AFM regularly examines the effectiveness of such controls, adds to or modifies such controls as needed, and from time to time implements new technology to further strengthen such controls. Access to this information within AFM is limited to those individuals having a legitimate business need for such information. AFM trains its personnel with respect to the laws applicable to the privacy of our policyholders and with respect to the internal controls in our company. This training is provided to each new employee of the company, and updated information and ongoing training is provided current employees. We do not sell a list of our policyholders, nor do we disclose policyholder information to marketing companies outside our company, with the exception of the companies or individuals that we may hire to provide specific services for us, which must also contractually agree to our privacy policy.


In the course of our business, AFM may, under certain circumstances, disclose information about our policyholders or other personal information that we have collected to third parties. These disclosures are sometimes made without prior authorization by you, but always only permitted by law. These disclosures may be to reinsurers, administrators, consultants, mortgagees, regulatory or government officials, or by appropriate court orders.

AFM may work with third party companies to help us develop our products, services, computer systems, and/or marketing approaches. As permitted by law, we may share with such entities certain identifying information and non-medical information as is described in this notice. Whenever we hire other non-affiliated parties to help us in our business, we require them to maintain the privacy of your records and personal information, and to abide by all applicable privacy laws. We never authorize them to further disclose the personal and confidential information. We always require such companies and individuals to establish to our satisfaction that they have effective internal controls to maintain our high level of control over this information.


The information that we collect about you will be kept in our policy records. You have the right under North Carolina law to know what kind of information that we keep about you and to have access to the information and to receive a copy. The information that we collect for the evaluation of a claim, or when the possibility of lawsuit exists, will not be disclosed. If you think your file contains incorrect information, notify us in writing of the information that you believe is incorrect, your reasons for believing the error exists, and what should be corrected or amended. We will investigate these matters and either correct the information in your file, or notify you of the reasons we will not correct the information. If we correct the information, we will send the corrected information to any person or organization to which we previously disclosed the incorrect information. If we decline to correct the information, we will keep a copy of your request and any additional information that you provide to us in your personal records. If we later disclose this information, we will also include a copy of your request to correct our information and the supporting documents that you have provided.

This privacy policy is being provided to you in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. If you have a question regarding this privacy policy, you may inquire at our office located at 107 N. Maple Street, Graham, NC.