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Alamance Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company (AFM) has been protecting North Carolinians since 1892. Initially incorporated as the Alamance County Branch of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Association of North Carolina, AFM met the rural insurance needs of central North Carolina as a county mutual insurance company for 116 years. Having served our policyholders in Alamance and the five contiguous counties for over a century, AFM expanded its charter in 2008 enabling us to serve policyholders in all 100 North Carolina counties.

Unlike stock insurance companies which are owned by investors, AFM is a mutual insurance company and is owned by its policyholders. At its annual meeting, policyholders elect the members of the board of directors who in turn hire management to direct the company. AFM exists solely to serve the insurance needs of its policyholders and, unlike stock companies, has no obligation to provide investment profits to shareholders. Our policyholders, who depend upon us to help secure their property and financial well-being, are our chief concern.

In our efforts to meet our policyholders' insurance needs, everything that we do is aimed at excellence. Policyholders' needs must be serviced promptly and accurately. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable premiums. Reserves must be created and managed to pay claims when our policyholders suffer losses. On-going technology investments must be made in order to efficiently and effectively deliver our products. By operating according to these principles, we believe AFM is a strong partner in helping our policyholders meet the adversities of life that come their way.